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The writing industry is currently in a very bad state. This is because the Internet has been flooded by fake writing companies that are out to ‘steal’ money from innocent customers who go online seeking for genuine writing companies. These companies are not professional in any way, they plagiarize content and produce content full of errors that is written by unskilled writers. The large numbers of students who turn to the Internet for help in completing academic assignments are increasingly getting frustrated by such writing companies. They keep falling into their traps because it is so hard for them to know which writing company is genuine and which one is not. To make matters worse, the very few writing companies available on the Internet are reputable, majority are those that are not.

studentsunitedforafrica.org has been created to enlighten students and bring them to a point where they are able to tell the difference between sham writing companies and credible companies that are capable of providing good quality services that they need in a consistent manner. The site is committed to sensitizing students about the qualities of reputable writing companies that they need to focus on in their search. Students who log on to the Internet with the aim of finding quality writing company should pay specific attention to organization and presentation of content posted on a writing company. Native English Speakers write content for reputable companies and so it is usually presented in a very professional manner.

More clues on the credibility of a writing company can be found in its communication channels. Check whether chatting and telephone services are available because good companies use them for customer support. The order form is the other important document that will differentiate a reputable company from a sham. Reputable companies tend to get into specifics such as formatting style, review resources and level of study other than just asking for length of document, deadline and genre. Such a company is keen on keeping their clients for a long time and so they are often happy to address their concerns so they’ll often have a redress strategy which students can check and use it to determine the credibility of a writing firm. Other important things that students need to look out for include work samples, opportunities to interact with writers, credentials of writers and reading feedback from other customers who have previously used the writing service.

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Even after checking on all these qualities, students are welcome to use studentsunitedforafrica.org to determine whether a writing company is reputable or not. On this site, they can access detailed reports that summarize the results of customer reviews and investigations conducted on individual writing companies. From these reports, students can view the different rankings of writing companies against the factors that are most critical for students including their rates, accessibility to customers, timely delivery of assignments and completeness of final outputs. These reports show students which writing companies rank at the top in terms of performance which means they can be trusted fully. Through the videos and direct website links featured on our page, students can easily get more information about such writing companies.